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Camera Accessories C.R.Kennedy has one of the largest selections of imaging and production accessories on the market. Browse our comprehensive selection of battery power solutions, lighting and modifiers, lens adapters, support and grip equipment, digital storage solutions, motion control sliders, camera and lens bags, and much more right here.

Stock Up on the Latest Camera Accessories at C.R.Kennedy

Upgrade your cameras and drones with our latest range of accessories, and take your aerial imaging, surveillance, exploration, filmmaking and photography to the next level. 

Any good camera or drone should have the right camera bag to store and protect it, and our extensive selection of bags will be sure to suit your needs. If you have a plethora of lenses and equipment, it might pay to invest in a quality backpack with plenty of insulated pockets or a hard case to withstand extreme conditions. For hobbyists, a compact shoulder bag or messenger bag might be the answer.  

Another crucial camera accessory for amateurs and professionals alike is battery power; no one likes seeing their camera go dead at just the wrong moment. That’s why we stock a quality range of spare batteries to fit all popular camera models, as well as battery chargers and adaptors to make sure you never miss a shot again. 

Other popular accessories include stabilisers and tripods that give you total control of your imagery, memory cards and storage so you can keep shooting with ease, and cleaning and protection kits so your camera and lenses are always clean and ready to go. 

Shop our stunning range of accessories and more at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.


Camera Lenses Our quality camera lenses offer something for every photographer. Expand your photography inventory and unlock new possibilities with a new high-quality lens. Shop our wide range of lenses now.

Shop Quality Camera Lenses Online at C.R.Kennedy

Whether you’re an amateur photographer keen to experiment with a new lens or a professional looking to upgrade your lens arsenal, our extensive range of camera lenses feature cutting edge advancements and versatility from leading brands like Sigma, Zeiss, Tokina, SLR Magic, LensBaby and Pentax.

As industry leading distributors in the finest optics, C.R.Kennedy carry a large selection of lenses to fit leading camera brands including Canon's EF Mount, Sony's E-Mount, Fujifilm's X-Mount, Leica's L-Mount, Nikon's F-Mount, Pentax's K-Mount, Micro's Four Thirds MFT-Mount, and Cinema's PL-Mount. From news to sports, landscape, and portraits, the excellent manufacturing of our lens range is designed to perform.

Ranging from DSLR and medium format camera lenses, lens accessories, and specialty anamorphic and effects lenses, we stock the most reputable brands for photography, cinema and broadcast.

Shop for affordable camera lenses at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

Cameras At C.R.Kennedy, we have every type of camera for sale to suit your needs. From lightweight compact digital cameras to capture those important family memories to DSLR cameras designed to help you get the perfect professional shot every time.

Discover the Latest DSLR, Mirrorless, Medium Format & Compact Cameras For Sale Online

Whether you’re a relative novice or a professional photographer or videographer, our broad range of digital cameras will help you get the best shot. From consumer point and shoot cameras to digital SLRs and high end medium format cameras for editorials, fashion and cultural archiving, we provide digital image capture solutions for every facet and level of photography.

Our mirrorless cameras are compact but pack a punch. Their compact size, stunning resolution, vibrant colours and overall performance gives everyone the opportunity to take the perfect photograph. They often rival the quality of high-end DSLRs, matching their powerful sensors, full HD video capabilities, state-of-the-art technologies and overall design and durability.

We also stock cutting edge action cameras, which will ensure you never miss a beat when you’re off the beaten track, as well as medium format cameras for the ultimate editorial or style shots, instant film cameras, video cameras, compact cameras that slip in your pocket, and everything in between. 

C.R.Kennedy are proud to stock digital cameras from leading brands, alongside lenses and photography accessories. Get what you need to scratch that creative itch and browse our digital cameras for sale now. Get free delivery or choose Click and Collect to pick up your order in store. Receive a guaranteed manufacturer warranty when you buy with us.


Drones C.R.Kennedy stocks a wide range of drones to suit the needs of all drone enthusiasts. From the latest consumer drones to professional and commercial drones, we have a range that will be able to cover all your photography and videography needs. To find your perfect drone, browse our drone collection now.

Fly In Style with C.R.Kennedy’s Drones Range

Shop the latest camera drones and UAVs for all needs and budgets at C.R.Kennedy. Our drones are great for aerial imaging, aerial surveillance, commercial or recreational flight, exploration, filmmaking, photography and much more.

Our selection of premium drones offer reliability and cutting-edge specs to satisfy all drone enthusiasts. Find sleek designs and compact yet powerful bodies, class leading flight times and virtually silent operation.

The DJI range is a prime example of these features. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has a 20 megapixel camera capable of stabilized video and photography, and speeds of up to 72km/h. Many DJI drones, such as the Mavic 2 Pro, also have flight times well in excess of 30 minutes.

Shop for your perfect drone now! Browse our extensive range of drones, drone accessories, gimbals, spare parts and more at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

Lighting & Studio At C.R.Kennedy you can equip your photography studio with everything you need to control the lighting. Our world-class studio lighting equipment allows you to experiment with colour, brightness, and light quality so you get the perfect shot every session.

Shop Photo Lighting & Studio Equipment at C.R.Kennedy

Whether you are looking for professional-grade photography lighting or building your own amateur photography kit from scratch, our range is sure to add another layer to your photography. 

No matter the size of your studio, you will find the best lighting equipment for your space - from studio lights, flashguns and speedlights, to reflectors that allow you to move and manipulate light to your personal needs. 

Our impressive range of softboxes will add soft light and allow you to direct it where you need it. Of course, you’ll need the right backdrop and a backdrop system to hold it all in place. A reflector umbrella is a perfect addition for versatility. Use gold reflectors for warmth, white for wide diffused light, and silver for sharper highlights. 

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we have studio lighting systems to suit any creative or professional endeavour. Once you have the camera, lenses and accessories, why not browse our photography lighting and make the most of your gear? 

Shop through our studio lighting equipment today and get free delivery on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty with your purchase.

Optics C.R.Kennedy stocks a leading range of outdoor optics equipment for the avid hunter, hiker, surveyor or outdoor enthusiast. Our quality collection features an assortment of high powered binoculars and monoculars through to ultra-precise rangefinders, spotting scopes and rifle scopes. Take your optics to the next level now.

Trust C.R.Kennedy for All Your Outdoor Optics Needs 

C.R.Kennedy is synonymous with state-of-the-art cameras, drones and lenses. However, we are also proud to stock one of Australia’s leading selections of outdoor optics. Whether you are a nature hobbyist or a full-time hunter, you’ll enjoy browsing our diverse range and finding the right optics solutions for your needs.


Our latest range of binoculars and monoculars are compact, lightweight and reliable. What’s more, we offer such a diverse range, from entry-level binoculars that will get the job done for all occasions to professional-grade binoculars that combine multiple lenses to provide an unparallelled image quality. 


Those keen to excel in hobbies or professional pursuits using a quality rangefinder need look no further than our pinpoint and ergonomic laser rangefinders, which provide fast and accurate distance and inclination measurements. They’re capable of measuring ranges to reflective targets to 1700 yards or a deer or other game up to 800 yards.


Our specialised spotting scopes and rifle scopes are made for high performance within their lightweight body. User-friendly and capable of super quick sighting, and smooth and accurate focusing, they’re ideal for birding, surveillance, hunting, and viewing landscape, wildlife, astronomy, scoring targets and other distant objects.


Shop outdoor optics online at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.


Printing & Film
Pro Video Our Pro Video section has everything a professional videographer needs to keep their operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Discover an array of cine cameras, lenses, gimbals, batteries, chargers, supports, dollies & sliders, stabilisers and much more right here at C.R.Kennedy.

Get Your Pro Video Needs Sorted at C.R.Kennedy

Any videographer or filmmaker requires the right cinematography equipment. We offer just that, from leading brands like Moza, Zeiss, DJI, Sigma and many more. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or a season veteran, our extensive range of professional grade video equipment is sure to suit your needs. 

Those looking for a remarkable cine camera should consider a Kinefinity, such as the Mavo, which features 6K Resolution, a Super 35mm CMOS Sensor and ProRes, KRW raw or Cinema DNG recording options for all resolutions and frame rates. This truly high quality camera is also compact and lightweight, making it ideal for gimbal and drone operators. 

Other highlights of our pro video range include our versatile cine zoom and prime lenses, which are designed for all the leading camera brands, such as Sony and Canon. Tokina and Zeiss are two lens manufacturers who produce consistently incredible prime lenses. 

DJI’s motorized gimbal stabilizers, Moza’s handheld gimbals, iFootage’s Shark sliders and Movcam’s rig and cage kits are a few of the other cinematography products available at C.R.Kennedy. Shop pro video cameras, lenses and accessories now and get a guaranteed manufacturer warranty, free shipping, and the option to click and collect. 


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