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Gary Fong

0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy has one of the largest selections of imaging and production accessories on the market, including a wealth of Gary Fong lighting and studio accessories. Browse our comprehensive Gary Wong selection now.


Get the Latest Gary Fong Camera Accessories at C.R.Kennedy

Gary Fong is one of the world’s top wedding photographers, having photographed many celebrities, famous figures, and even U.S. Presidents. He is also an established authority in professional photography, delivering excellent self-invented camera accessories for photographers of all aptitudes. 

Now you can take your photography to the next level by upgrading your camera lighting with our extensive range of Gary Wong lighting accessories. Any wedding or event photographer will benefit from The Wedding & Event Lighting Kit, which provides all the tools a photographer needs to get beautiful soft umbrella quality lighting, with that flattering off-camera look, and everything a busy photographer requires to adapt to fast changing environments. 

Combine Gary Wong Domes, which redirects your speedlite and increase the efficiency of light output toward your subject, with a LightBlade Diffuser that will soften harsh light emitted from power-packed on-camera speedlights, minimise shadows and reduce glare, while creating more accurate skin tones for your camera to capture. The compact size of these domes and diffusers makes them perfect for event photography, portraits, interiors and product shots.

Shop our stunning range of Gary Wong accessories and much more at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.


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