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Hoya Filters

0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer a range of lens filters from Hoya, one of the leading makers of optical glass and lens filters. Open up possibilities with Hoya’s range of variable neutral density filters, circular polarisers, infrared filters, and many more, all while protecting your expensive lenses. Explore our range below.


Our extensive range of Hoya lens filters will have you covered in and demanding situations and conditions with their range of polarising, neutral density, and lens protectors, while opening up new creative opportunities with infrared, and coloured filters.

Cut down glare and reflections with the Hoya HD Nano Circular-Polariser Filter. Glare and reflections can be a problem in photography, and are difficult, if not impossible to remove in post editing. Help control glare in the field with this state of the art circular polarising filter featuring a scratch and water resistant surface, ultra hard coating, and 4 times chemically enhanced optical glass.

Protect your investment with the Hoya Fusion UV Filter. This filter offers a scratch resistant and water repellent surface, combined with professional grade optical glass and an anti static coating. With this filter you’ll no longer have to worry about developing scratches on your expensive new lens.

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we present the latest selection of Hoya filters to satisfy everyone from landscape photographers through to event and family photographers. Be sure to check out our camera lenses and camera cleaning accessories to help you out on your next project.

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