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0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer a world of creative options through our Lensbaby range of products. Whether you’re exploring your style or trying to find a new creative niche, Lensbaby will have you covered with they’re creative lens, filters, and accessories. Explore our range below.


Our extensive range of Lensbaby lenses, filters, and accessories will help scratch that creative itch. Offering new and innovative features, you can let your creative freedom flow and explore a new style.

Opening up new possibilities with the Lensbaby Omni filter system. This all in one kit offers photographers countless opportunities to expand their creativity through physical special effects, by giving you three shoot through options, and the ability to control each easily and on the go.

Control your bokeh highlights with the Lensbaby Creative Bokeh Optic. Featuring 50mm selective focus, the LensBaby optic swap system, and having 11 creative shape drop-in aperture disks, you’ll be elevating your photography style to new heights.

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we present the latest selection of Lensbaby lenses and accessories to satisfy everyone from creative shooters through to travel and street photographers. Be sure to check out our film cameras and photo paper to help you out on your next outing.

Shop through our extensive Lensbaby selection now, and get free shipping across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

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