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Lume Cube

0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer Lume Cube innovative range of lights and lighting accessories. With a selection that’s perfect for travelling adventurer, vlogger and photographer, Lube Cube is a great choice for powerful and portable lighting on the go. Explore our range below.


Our range of Lube Cube lights and accessories will open up new opportunities to match your creative style with their versatile catalogue of products.

For the adventure filmmaker in us all, the Lume Cube Mavic Kit offers the perfect package to light your next shoot. The two included Lume Cubes and mounting plates provide you with 1500 daylight balanced lumen LED lights, providing over 750 lux, a 60º beam angle, all on a mounting kit that fits right on your drone. With the ability to recharge on the go, you’ll be ready for any adventure.

The Lume Cube Professional Lighting Kit is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for extra options to modify their Lume Cube lights. Offering two Lume Cubes, snoots, grids, diffusion domes, barn doors, colour filters, and all using Lume Cubes innovative magnetic 9 mounting system, you’ll have the creative freedom to light your shots the way you imagined.

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we present the latest selection of Lume Cube lighting products, ready to satisfy everyone from creative filmmakers through to the drone photographers and videographers. Be sure to check out our flashguns and continuous lighting options to help you out on your next production.

Shop through our extensive Lume Cube selection now, and get free shipping across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

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