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0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer the class leading ParaZero drone safety system range. Using visionary innovation and experienced engineers, ParaZero has become the #1 safety system on the market for commercial drones. ParaZero’s goals of protecting bystanders, preventing payload loss and safeguarding your drone equipment, make ParaZero the perfect choice for securing your drone. Explore our range below.


World Class Drone Safety Products by Parazero. Shop Now

Our range of ParaZero drone safety systems will keep your drone, payload and nearby bystanders safe from critical flight failures. ParaZero are the #1 choice for securing your drone on the market.

Looking for a safety system for your Mavic Pro or Mavic 2? We recommend the ParaZero SafeAir Recovery Parachute System. Specifically designed to slow the descent of your drone in case of a catastrophic failure, this lightweight safety system offers easy plug and play nstallation and integration within 10 minutes, and an automatic triggering of safety measures during emergencies or freefall. Enjoy the peace of mind ParaZero’s SafeAir Recovery Parachute System provides.

For a heavier duty solution to match the enterprise grade Matrice 600, we recommend the ParaZero SafeAir Recovery Parachute System. Designed to protect the more valuable Matrice 600, this safety system can handle the tougher requirements needed to slow the descent of the heavier drone. Be sure to protect your investment with Parazero’s class leading parachute system.

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we present the latest selection of ParaZero’s parachute safety system and accessories, ready to satisfy everyone from drone videographers through to enterprise surveyors and engineers. Be sure to check out our memory cards and drone accessories to help you out on your next project.

Shop through our extensive ParaZero selection now, and get free shipping across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

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