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SLR Magic

0CATHDR C.R.Kennedy is proud to offer SLR Magic’s professional range of affordable premium cine lenses and accessories. SLR Magic’s innovative product range has seen the company go from interesting toy lenses, to a global leader in the cinematography and photographic industries. Explore our range below.


Our range of SLR Magic lenses and accessories are designed and developed to help you best achieve your creative vision.

For filmmakers seeking an affordable way of achieving the anamorphic look, we recommend the SLR Magic Anamorphot-65 1.33x Anamorphic Adaptor lens . This versatile option offers a lightweight package with excellent conversion characteristics, while giving you the freedom to adapt your own lenses, to achieve the much coveted anamorphic aesthetic.

If you’re a filmmaker looking for a great value wide angle prime, look no further than the SLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 lens . This solid and rugged APO lens offers better correction for chromatic and spherical aberrations, 13 blades for smooth bokeh, smooth focus transistions, and a wide aperture, all in a very affordable package. A very impressive lens that punches above its weight.

Here at C.R.Kennedy, we present the latest selection of SLR Magic lenses and accessories, ready to satisfy everyone from novice filmmakers through to documentary filmmakers. Be sure to check out our camera and video rigs and softboxes to help you out on your next production.

Shop through our extensive SLR Magic selection now, and get free shipping across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

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