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0CATHDR Our Pro Video section has everything a professional videographer needs to keep their operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Discover an array of cine cameras, lenses, gimbals, batteries, chargers, supports, dollies & sliders, stabilisers and much more right here at C.R.Kennedy.


Get Your Pro Video Needs Sorted at C.R.Kennedy

Any videographer or filmmaker requires the right cinematography equipment. We offer just that, from leading brands like Moza, Zeiss, DJI, Sigma and many more. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or a season veteran, our extensive range of professional grade video equipment is sure to suit your needs. 

Those looking for a remarkable cine camera should consider a Kinefinity, such as the Mavo, which features 6K Resolution, a Super 35mm CMOS Sensor and ProRes, KRW raw or Cinema DNG recording options for all resolutions and frame rates. This truly high quality camera is also compact and lightweight, making it ideal for gimbal and drone operators. 

Other highlights of our pro video range include our versatile cine zoom and prime lenses, which are designed for all the leading camera brands, such as Sony and Canon. Tokina and Zeiss are two lens manufacturers who produce consistently incredible prime lenses. 

DJI’s motorized gimbal stabilizers, Moza’s handheld gimbals, iFootage’s Shark sliders and Movcam’s rig and cage kits are a few of the other cinematography products available at C.R.Kennedy. Shop pro video cameras, lenses and accessories now and get a guaranteed manufacturer warranty, free shipping, and the option to click and collect. 

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Stabilisers Gimbals and video stabilisers are must-have accessories for professional and amateur videographers or photographers alike. Our professional level gimbals and stabilisers help you keep your footage stable no matter the conditions, suppressing vibrations and movement to ensure your footage is fluid and your image is sleek.

Explore Video Stabilisers & Gimbals for Your Pro Video Needs

Avoid disruption and interference with impressive, top-of-the-line gimbals that include three axis stabilisation that allows your camera to move fluidly in three ways, up and down, forwards and backwards and to each side. 

Using a gimbal or video stabiliser can help your camera stays focused on the subject. No more camera shake ruining your finished product. With these quality accessories, your camera’s movement so your footage moves smoothly. 

Whether you are shooting in a wild and natural environment, in the hustle and bustle of a big city, or capturing the incredibly fast movements of your favourite sport, a gimbal or video stabiliser is an essential part of your kit. 

At C.R.Kennedy, you can find gimbals to fit your smartphone, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and professional video cameras. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of the photography and videography community. Receive a guaranteed manufacturer warranty today and shop our extensive video stabilisation range. Select Click and Collect at checkout or get free shipping on all orders. 


Sony Cine Lenses Do you have a Sony digital cinema camera, studio/broadcast camera, professional camcorder or DSLR? These state-of-the-art lenses are designed to work with a wide range of Sony cameras to help you attain the perfect image. Browse our collection of Sony cine lenses at C.R.Kennedy now.

Browse Cine Lenses for Sony Cameras at C.R.Kennedy 

These Sony cine lenses feature innovative technologies, meticulous standards, premium materials and camera lens brands synonymous with quality, reliability and performance. They’re a great addition to any pro videographer’s kit. 

SLR Magic is one such example. They’re an independent manufacturer of professional cine primes and anamorphic lenses, which deliver an incredibly high quality result each and every time, at affordable prices. A couple of their extensive options include the 12mm T2.8, the 50mm F1.1, and the 75mm T1.5 microprime lenses.

For more high-end options, look no further than Zeiss, Tokina and Sigma, three distinguished lens brands used by top photographers around the world. The Zeiss LWZ.3 21-100 mm/T2.9-3.9 zoom lens, for example, offers superior image performance in any shooting situation. Our Sigma range is from 14-135mm, and covers T1.5 to T2, offering superior resolution and compatibility to meet the demands of professional movie creation and 8k shooting within a compact frame. 

Unleash your creative or professional impulses with these new framing possibilities. At C.R.Kennedy, we stock a wide variety of Sony cine lenses. Shop now and get a guaranteed manufacturer warranty. Take advantage of our free shipping options or Click and Collect to pick up your order in store.



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