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Kenko Celeste Circular-Polariser Filter

Kenko Celeste Circular-Polariser Filter

Code: 00ZKNKOCLSTCPLFL    Brand: Kenko   
  • Extremely Low Light Reflectivity
  • Anti-Stain Coating
  • Water&Oil Repellent Performance
  • High-Transparency Polarization Film
  • The Art of the Frame
  • New Exclusive Package Design
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With and Without the Filter

With and Without the Filter

Nameʼs Origin

Coming from the Latin word "caelestis" that means magnificent, something above human possibilities and the Italian “celeste” which represents the color of the clear sky, the Celeste filter series promises the best optical performance and superior advantages to the photographer.

Extremely Low Light Reflectivity

Celeste C-PL adopts 18-layer anti-reflection Super ZR-coating - improved version of Kenko ZETA filter series coating that provides astonishing results in light reflection performance. Thanks to this coating technology light reflectivity level is retained at 0.3% that is incredibly low for C-PL filters.

Anti-Stain Coating

Along with excellent light transmission abilities, Celeste C-PL performs impressive water and oil repellent features thanks to AntiStain Coating (ASC). Anti-Stain Coating is layered on both sides of the glass for easier and more effective filter maintenance. Less chance to catch dust on the filter and less chance to scratch filter while wiping the surface with cleaning paper.

Water&Oil Repellent Performance

ASC effectively repels water, oil and smudges keeping filter surface clear in different shooting conditions. There is no more need to clean or wipe dust frequently. This ensures long product life-time compared to other brand filters coating that comes off in a quicker time if wipe filter more often.

High-Transparency Polarization Film

Celeste C-PL transmits 25% more light (equivalent to 1 full stop) than other top brand filters thanks to high-transparency polarizing film.

The Art of the Frame

The new frame of the Celeste C-PL filter is a result of long and intensive research of our engineers. Every part is designed and manufactured with precise and highest quality standards.

The Celeste frame obtained several features that bring real advantages to the photographer and differ Celeste series from other brands.

New Exclusive Package Design

Completely new elegant design of the package conveys clarity of the concept featuring all main advantages on the back side in the simplest and easy to understand way.

Kenko Celeste Filter Series - the most magnificent filters of their kind

Kenko CELESTE filter series. Reveal at Photokina 2016

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