Ilford Harman Direct Positive FB 62cmx20m (24" Roll) DIRPOS1K

Ilford Harman Direct Positive FB 62cmx20m (24" Roll) DIRPOS1K

Code: 1165317    Brand: Harman Inkjet   

62cm x 20m, 24" Roll, fibre based, traditional silver gelatin black & white photo paper. Produces direct positive prints without a film negative making it perfect for pinhole photography or photograms.

Supplier Code: 1165317

Ilford Harman Direct Positive FB is a premium quality, black & white photo paper. This fixed grade, high contrast paper is perfect for pinhole photography as exposure and processing in conventional black & white photo chemistry will achieve a positive print without the need for a negative.

In addition, this versatile paper can be used to creative photograms or substituted for standard photo paper when printing from negatives in an enlarger. It can also be successfully used in other applications such as direct exposure in large format cameras.

  • Harman Direct Positive FB 62cm x 20m 24" Roll B&W Photo Paper
  • Positive paper – no need for a negative
  • Coated on 255gsm fibre base
  • Fixed grade, high contrast paper
  • Slow ISO speed (around ISO 1-3)
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