Kenko Miltol 400mm F8.0 Mirror Lens

  • Kenko Miltol 400mm F8.0 Mirror Lens

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Extremely light and compact super telephoto lens for out door photographers.


With focal length 400mm lens weight is only 340g (without T-mount). Lens size is 74x82mm. Lens can be easily stored in someone's pocket or small bag. That allows to keep this lens always at your side and save room for other accessories.
Lens has fixed aperture F8 that is specific feature, so it is recommended to use tripod to prevent shaking.


Comparing with equal lenses of other brands, thanks to lens multi-coating the image is clear and of high resolution. Due to the optical construction of the lens that will generate ring-shape bokeh, there is a possibility for the photographer to widen the ways of expression through the image.

Simple optical construction with 2 groups and 6 elements does not allow much chromatic aberrations to occur.


MILTOL 400mm F8 can focus only manually using wide with excellent grip focus ring on the body of the lens. The rotation of focus ring is very smooth. Rotation range is 270°. In spite of long focal length focusing process will not take much time. Rotation of focus ring is smooth from near to far even in low temperature environment. There is no any sucking sound while rotating the focus ring, so there is no chance for dust in the air to be sucked inside the lens.



The field of view of Kenko MILTOL 400mm F8 is 6° 8' (by frame diagonal) and min. focusing distance is 1.15m that gives magnification 1:2.5. This lens is also suitable for macro shooting because it gives an opportunity to shoot an object wit size 6x9cm on full frame camera from distance of 115cm. The leaves below was shot from aprox. 3 meters to the object.


Kenko MILTOL Mirror lens 400mm F8 can be used with 67mm filters. The thread on the lens is also for hood (KMH-671) to be attached on. In this case you may use 77mm lens attached on the hood. Mirror lens is very sensitive to front light. It is suggested to use hood during the shooting session.

Focal Length 400
Maximum Aperture f/8(fix)
Minimum Aperture f/8(fix)
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.15m
Construction E/G 6 Elements in 2 Groups
Filter Size, mm 67
Dimensions ∅74x82
Weight, g 340

Product Manuals
Kenko Miltol 400mm F8.0 Mirror Lens - Product Manual

Kenko Miltol 400mm f/8 Lens

Brand: Kenko | Code: 141895

Product options:

Brand: Kenko | Code: 141895

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Extremely light and compact super telephoto lens for out door photographers.