Cokin Center Spot InColour 2 Filter M (P) 461061

Cokin Center Spot InColour 2 Filter M (P) 461061

Code: P061    Brand: Cokin   
  • Create a sharp center with blurred edges
  • Manufactured with C39 Optical Resin
  • Perfect for portraits
  • Great at isolating your subject
APN: 0085831447873
Supplier Code: P061

The Cokin Incolor Center Spot filters have a clear spot and diffused colorless edges. Theses diffused edges will be produce blur while leaving the center sharp. The filter effect is directly influenced by the f-stop and the focal length. A lens shot at f/1.4 will see a greater blurring effect than f/8.0 and a 85mm lens will see more blur than a 28mm. Additionally, a longer focal length lens will visually increase the size of the center spot area because it sees less of the filter area.

How to use Center Spot ?

  • The shorter the focal length, the more visible the zone. As for the transition from sharp to soft, it depends on the aperture: the wider it is, the more diffuse the transition will be. For a correct adjustment with auto-focus reflex cameras, the choice of an AF central collimator is obviously required. We also recommend working with apertures of ƒ/5.6 or ƒ/8 in order to keep a sufficiently blurry transitional zone. A strong backlight brightens the effect of the filter.
  • Uncolored Center Spot filters create blur around the central subject in a completely natural-looking way, giving the subject prominence in the image.
  • Grey and Colored Center Spot filters work by blurring and darkening the periphery of the image in a more or less noticeable way. The intensity and the quality of the central subject’s lighting are clearly emphasized.
  • Oval Center Spot filters are made for larger or taller subjects
Filter Dimensions 84mm x 84mm x 1.6mm
Filter Construction C39 Optical Resin
Filter # 061


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