Shooter's Choice 354g (12.5oz) Polymer Safe Quick-Scrub Aerosol

Shooter's Choice 354g (12.5oz) Polymer Safe Quick-Scrub Aerosol

Code: PSQ12    Brand: Shooter's Choice   
  • Effectively removes residue from actions and trigger assembly without disassembly
  • Dissolves residues and powder buildup from firearms
  • Will not harm delicate optics, sights, paint, camouflage finishes, polymers or plastics on firearms
APN: 0027784012500
Supplier Code: PSQ12

The Polymer Safe Quick Scrub from Shooter’s Choice is harmless to polymers, plastics, and camouflage finishes, yet quickly flushes away fouling. Perfect for cleaning actions and trigger assembly (without disassembling). Works great on all firearms.

Product Features:

  • Completely safe to use on polymers, plastics, synthetic stocks, bluing, Teflon, paint, camouflage, and wood finishes
  • Will not harm delicate optics or sights
  • Firearm disassemby not required
  • Actions perform smoother (even in cold weather)
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Leaves no residue

How To Use This Product:

  1. When possible, for maximum results, remove bolt from action and/or trigger assembly (follow owner’s manual) before starting cleaning procedure. Hold firearm in position so solvent runs out carrying residue with it, being careful not to permeate any wood.
  2. For best results, use extension tube and spray with action open using short bursts. Use an old toothbrush to assist in scrubbing stubborn areas.
  3. After lubricating with Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite, apply a light coating of Shooter’s Choice Rust Prevent on all moving parts and the exterior of the firearm.
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