ShooTools Slider Modula 3-In-1 Motion Plus - Rail 40 + Rail 80 + Rail 150

ShooTools Slider Modula 3-In-1 Motion Plus - Rail 40 + Rail 80 + Rail 150

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ShooTools Slider Modula Motion Plus a modular motorized Slider which grants a top portability. Ready to use, perfect for manual motion, tracking shots and TimeLapse.

APN: 8055687020652

The best of ShooTools Technology for the filmmaker and timelapser: each component has got a high standard quality and performance, is assembled, tested and packed manually by expert people in Italy.


A universal carriage, obtained through CNC process from a unique aluminium block, with Brake and Friction System is characterized by an extremely high quality of the materials, high steadiness and ergonomy.


Special wheels realized with an innovative ST-66 technopolymer studied by ShooTools in order to guarantee max smoothness and extreme carriage fluidity. Each wheel is characterized by a double steel ball bearing that equipped the exclusive ShooTools’ wheel assembly, for a max fluidity of movement and performance.

Friction System

A double friction system allows to act both on the wheel assembly system and manually in order to adjust the feeling of your tracking shot in real time through the control knob.


3 Anitbending Rails, with the record width of 3,3" (84 mm), realized to guarantee and absolute stability even for the heaviest video cameras.


It’s the operating essence of Motion Control, that combines electronics with long-lasting accumulators. A device with two functions for Tracking Shots and Timelapse and 3 different mode of action: Loop, Sync and No Stop.

Tracking Shot

Characterized by extremely precise and fluid tracking shots and by the opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and slowing-down, it is possible to realize terrific syncronized tracking shots that can automatically end at the track end (Sync), detour in an endless movement (Loop) or keep shooting once having reached the track end (No Stop).


The motion uses SMS (Shoot Move Shoot) Technology that allows to synchronize the carriage move with the Reflex shutter. This feature gives the possibility to use any exposure time, with no worry about blurry. The pause between a move and another can be set in a range from 1 second to 99 hours thanks to an intervalometer integrated into the controller.

Stop / Motion

Easy Stop Motion mode give a new movement of camera at your Stop/Motion videos.


Amazing Macro Tracking Shots with the lowest speed of 2mm/sec. Two electronic end stops arrest the carriage once reached the track end or when finds an obstacle during the carriage motion (safety mode)

Motion Control

2 motors of 55 R.P.M. and 09 R.P.M. are included and are easily interchangeable, accordingly with the professional’s needs. The two electronic end-stops placed at the beginning and at the conclusion of the rails stop the carriage at the start/end of the rail or in case an obstacle is placed along the carriage while shooting (safety mode).


Suitable for any type of photo or video head with 3/8″ thread, any Slider could be installed easily and rapidly also over tripods and plates of 1/4" and 3/8".


Each component undergoes two distinct types of treatment: the first one, by shot peening through ceramic spheres, increases the hardness and the resistance to fatigue of the object and, in addition, provides a pleasant hi-grip finish. The second treatment, anodizing at 30 microns, protects the device from any external agent. These technical solutions allow the use of the ShooTools Camera Slider Modula from the Namib Desert to the glaciers of Greenland.

Technical Data


1,3 kg for a rail of 40 cm

2,6 kg for a rail of 80 cm

3,8 kg for a rail of 150 cm

Load: ± 20 Kg

Materials: Anticorodal alloy

Treatments: Shot peening through ceramic spheres, organic anodization at 30 micron

In the Box

3 tracks with the length of: 40, 80 and 150 cm

Carriage with Brake and Friction System


Motor 55

Motor 09

Motion Control

Batteries and Charger

Set-up keys

Instruction Manual

Non-woven fabric wrapper

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