ShooTools Motion Plus Slider Modula Motion Control

ShooTools Motion Plus Slider Modula Motion Control

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Upgrade your camera Slider One with Motion Plus Slider Modula Motion Control.

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Supplier Code: SH12030205

Thanks to this excellent kit you can upgrade your One Series slider. In a handful of minutes, you can motorize your slider and make extremely fluid slides; don’t worry about power feeding problem: a battery pack with 12-hour working time is integrated in the controller.  

The controller software (made in Italy) allows you to make amazing timelapse thanks to its time remote control features, synchronized with the carriage motion.  Fascinating solution for Astral Time Lapse Videos!

You will just have to connect the connection cable to the motor, the shot cable to your Reflex, adjust the carriage shift (starting from 0,4mm) and then decide when you want your picture to be taken, adjusting the seconds, the minutes and the hours.

Two Motors

Two motors are included with different gear ratios: 55 R.P.M. and 09 R.P.M., easily interchangeable by the operator with no need of any tools. The motor can quickly be released from the slider in case of manual use.


The operating essence of Motion Control! A device which completes electronics and long-lasting accumulators, which has two functions, Tracking Shot and Time Lapse with 3 different operating modes: Loop, Sync, No Stop.

Tracking Shot

Extremely precise and fluid tracking shots; opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and slowing- down ramps. Tracking shot can automatically end at the track end or can detour in an endless movement (Loop). Perfectly synchronized tracking shots: START and STOP of the recording synchronized with the tracking shot beginning and end (Sync), or opportunity of continuing the recording (No Stop).

Time Lapse

The motion uses SMS (Shoot Move Shoot) Technology that allows to synchronize the track move with the Reflex shutter. This feature gives the possibility to use any exposure time, with no worry about blurry. The pause between a move and another can be set in a range from 1 second to 99 hours thanks to an intervalometer integrated into the controller.

Amazing precision: The minimal carriage shift is 0,01mm.

Stop / Motion

Easy Stop Motion mode: Give a new movement of camera at your Stop/Motion videos.


Amazing Macro Tracking Shots with the lowest speed of 2mm/sec. Two electronic stops arrest the carriage forwarding when it comes to the binary end, or if it finds an obstacle during the carriage motion (safety mode).

Technical Data

Motor 55

Min Speed 0,94 in/s (24 mm/sec)

Max Speed 3,93 in/s (100 mm/sec)

Horizontal Load ± 22 lb (10 kg)

Vertical Load ± 2,5 lb (2,5 kg)

Motor 09

Min Speed 0,078 in/s (2 mm/sec)

Max Speed 0,39 in/s (10 mm/sec)

Horizontal Load ± 66,1 lb (30 kg)

Vertical Load ± 15,4 lb (7,0 kg)

In the Box

Kit Motorization



Battery Charger

Link Cable

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