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Kinefinity Terra 6k Basic Pack with Kinemount (without lens adaptor)

Kinefinity Terra 6k Basic Pack with Kinemount (without lens adaptor)

Code: TERRA6KBASIC    Brand: Kinefinity   
  • 6K Resolution
  • Records in 6K RAW & 6K ProRes
  • State-of-art CMOS sensor
  • Rolling Shutter
Supplier Code: TERRA6KBASIC

6K Resolution TERRA 6K is capable of Capturing and Recording 6K RAW (.krw) without external recorder, but also is the only camera to record 6K ProRes. 6K details and framing space is beyond imagination, > 18Million pixels in one frame: 9 times of Full HD/1080p, 2.25 times of UHD/3840×2160! Every single frame matches high-end DSLR RAW photo!

16/14 stops TERRA 6K employs state-of-art CMOS sensor: 14 stops at 6K resolution; amazing 16 stops at golden 3K/2K (S35 framing) . It brings you not only maximum details, but also maximum latitude in every frame.

Rolling Shutter TERRA 6K shares the same state-of-art 6K CMOS sensor (rolling shutter) with KineMAX 6K. It is rolling shutter type, then suffers some rolling effect especially at 6K resolution. However, TERRA 6K features HiSpeed mode to record 4K/3K/2K which reduces rolling effect greatly.

4K 100FPS All TERRA models have very good slow-mo ability. For TERRA 4K, the fps at 4K wide can be boosted up to 100fps due to its high native frame rate, then the whole frame 2K wide can work as 100fps, cropping 2K wide can work up to 240fps. For TERRA 6K supports 4K Wide Slow-Mo up to 100fps at HiSpeed S35 and 2K Wide to 225fps at HiSpeed S16. As of quick-mo, the minimum fps is down to 2fps. Any custom sensor fps can be set between lowest and highest fps with step of 0.001fps.

ProRes for All Res and All Fps TERRA allows lossless RAW (.krw) recording or Apple ProRes recording directly. For ProRes codec, it does not only support regular 2K/4K ProRes, but also has ability to record ProRes 422HQ for all resolution and all fps which the TERRA supports, like 6K ProRes, 4K wide 100fps ProRes, 2K@225fps for HiSpeed mode. Apple ProRes as an industry standard is widely supported by DI/NLE softwares. TERRA with ProRes speeds up both shooting and post-workflow at the same time.

Lossless KineRAW KineRAW (.krw) codec, cinema-level codec is developed by Kinefinity with great efforts and resources. Average compression level is 2:1~3:1, lossless compression algorithm: no color sampling and loss. The 500GB KineMAG SSD could record around 80 minutes 4K RAW clips with its date rate slightly larger than ProRes422HQ. It can be transcoded into up to ProRes4444XQ for ProRes workflow or CinemaDNG for CinemaDNG workflow by KineStation; It really fits 4K, 6K recording and HiSpeed recording: reserving max grading room, saving much storage spaces and easier data backup.

2.5″ SSD recording media TERRA employs standard 2.5″ 7mm SSD SATA3.0 as recording media to provide compatibility of 3rd-party SSD, though TERRA is so small. There are lots of off-the-shelf 7mm SSD available. However performance of 3rd party SSD is not guaranteed, only official 7mm KineMAG 500G/1T SSD is recommended for serious shootings.

Custom in-camera LUT You can upload the LUT/color style which you like, or DP like, or designed by post house to TERRA, so that the workflow from shooting to post will be optimised and reduce the time for you, also help on-site lighting and art work. For recording KRW or ProRes with custom LUT, it does not burn into footage: footage is always logged (by KineLOG3), on-site LUT for monitoring is saved to the same folder. The size of 3D LUT is from 8x8x8 up to 33x33x33.

Multi-Framing Oversampling + Crop mode + KineEnhancer = infinity combination of resolution, fps and framing. With the help of in-camera oversampling, TERRA records to 6K ProRes, but also 4K/3K/2K ProRes with sharper and more clean images at S35. The framing can be from S35 up to full frame if using KineEnhancer, while cropping mode can boost the higher fps. TERRA supports above three modes to get multi-framing and multi res, at different fps.

4K 4:3 Anamorphic TERRA 4K provides 4:3 frame as 3700×2800@50fps, TERRA 6K as 4320×3240@25fps. and Aspect ratio of 4:3 matches anamorphic lens with factor of 2, so that it will gain CinemaScope frame as 8:3(2.66:1). With the desqueezed process in post-workflow, it can reach up to 7400×2800/7200×2700/8640×3240 (8K) CinemaScope!

KineMOUNT as Omni Mount KineMOUNT is the native lens mount of TERRA. It provides enough possibility due to its short FFD(15mm). New KineMOUNT is re-designed to be light with electronic contact (active) in order to support new PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter, EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer, Nikon F mounting adapter, new SONY FE/E mounting adapter, EF/PL mounting adapters with electronic ND(e-ND), etc.

Whole-new Accessories A group of whole-new accessories are designed specifically for TERRA, so that TERRA can be configured for one-man job or a professional filmmaking crew. KineBACK provides more than SDI monitoring, XLR 48V audio, V-mount plate, regulated DC output, timecode sync and 3D sync in one little module. KineMON as fullHD 5″ monitor is powered and is fed video from TERRA body by only one cord. SideGrip, as new handgrip w/ powering and control from GripBAT 45Wh(BP-U30 compatible) battery, more than one hour for usage. KineBAT 120Wh as Super compact V-mount battery provides over four hours to TERRA. KineKIT-TERRA from Movcam takes into account of TERRA in different scenarios, such as hand-held, tripod, on shoulder, gimbal, high and low shooting angles, etc., which makes it best choice for TERRA.

Create, no boundaries. As a small and powerful cinema camera, TERRA is designed from bottom to top to facilitate filmmaking from shooting to post workflow. The value and flexibility from the TERRA lets you put more of your production budget and energy into what goes in front of the camera. It’s a serious film-making tool with real Digital Cinema Camera features at such a price within reach.

Note: All trademarks mentioned belong to their respective trade mark holders and companies, and are not necessarily affiliated with our company and may not endorse our products or the use of their products with our products.

Camera Type

S35 Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera

Imaging Sensor

6K S35 Format CMOS

Crop factor over FF: 1.6


Rolling Shutter

Lens Mount

Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be PL/EF/SONY E/Nikon F by solid mounting adapters

*PL, PL e-ND *EF, EF e-ND, EF Enhancer *SONY E *Nikon F, F Enhancer

Record Formats

Codec Type

Codec Format

Bit Depth

Compressed Lossless KineRAW






Record Res



Golden 3K




4320x3240, 4:3



100@4K Wide

150@3K Wide

225@2K HD Wide

Dynamic Range

16 stops/14 stops

*Golden 3K/regular 6K






*Golden 3K/regular 6K

Shutter Angle



KineMON Port x1

HD Port x1

SDI x2*

*Applicable on KineBACK

Record Media

2.5" SSD with 7mm Height

Audio Capture

In-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR

*Applicable on KineBACK

Sync Function

Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC*, 3D/Multi-cam Sync*

*Applicable on KineBACK


Preset: Neutral/Flat, Support Custom LUT


Power In


DC IN 11~19V/SideGrip/V-Mount*


*Applicable on KineBACK

Body Color

Deep Grey


2.1 lb / 980 g

*Only Body


4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm

*W/o projections, WxHxL

Operating Temp

0°C to +40°C


Raw Recording

Hi Speed Option


GRIP Multifunction(II)

KinBAT Battery for KineGRIP

KineMON 5L5' FullHD monitor

KineMag 500 GB

Kine D-Tap Power Cord

Kine AC Adaptor

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