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Fast Order

Know what you want?

For customers who already know the products they would like to order we offer a couple of ways to quickly add items to the cart:

  • Choose ORDER IMPORT to add items to your cart from a csv import file
  • Choose FAST ORDER to quickly add items to your cart line by line by entering our item codes and quantities

Import Order From CSV File Instructions

Create a csv file or  download our sample csv file, then import to your cart following these simple steps:

  • Create a file using your own sales ordering software, a text editor or Microsoft Excel
  • On the first line in this file add a field/column called item_code and a second one called quantity
  • After the first line add a row for each item you wish to order including CRK Item code and Quantity
  • Using Excel the file will look something like this:
    item_code quantity
    ITEMNUMBER002 17
     Download our Sample CSV
  • Save your file in .csv format (comma separated values)
  • Use our ORDER IMPORT option, click the upload button and choose your file for upload from your computer
  • Your Shopping Cart will now display with the items successfully imported from your file – you can then review your cart and import another file, browse the site to manually add more items to the cart or checkout

Fast Order Instructions

You can create your order using the online order form below. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the item code of the product into the Item Code field.
  • Enter the desired quantity.
  • Rinse and Repeat as required

Once you have entered all your desired items, click the Add to Cart button to add your order to the shopping cart. From here you can either, go to the shopping cart to review your order or you can use this form again to add more items.

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