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Best Mirrorless Cameras for Professionals

Best Mirrorless Cameras for Professionals

Mirrorless cameras have come a long way since their inception just over a decade ago.

The improvements in the technology have now surpassed the offerings of DSLR cameras in many ways, providing professional photographers a range of feature options to suit any specialisation.

These cameras are powerhouses and rival the best DSLRs on the market.

The factors that determine the best mirrorless camera to use depend on the kind of shooting you do and the features you desire. For example if you are a landscape or commercial photographer, your needs are different than those of a sports photographer or videographer.

The Benefits Of Switching To A Mirrorless Camera

For professionals who are considering making the shift, the decision to go mirrorless can be a tough one. If you’ve been shooting for a while on a DSLR, you are no doubt comfortable and confident in the camera’s capabilities and functions. You also know that the companies have years of experience behind them, so it is easy to trust the technology, quality and reliability of this format because it is proven.

These are all good reasons for making sure you do your research before you purchase a mirrorless camera.

While in recent years, Nikon and Canon have largely cornered the market for professional level DSLR cameras, the advent of mirrorless technology has opened the gates for more brands to get in on the action, giving you more to choose from.

The benefits of going mirrorless are many, including:

  • Small size and lightweight
  • Electronic viewfinders display a more WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) image compared to optical viewfinders.
  • Accurate focus right on the sensor
  • Fast, continuous shooting
  • More Advanced and user friendly Video features

The primary disadvantage in a mirrorless is in the battery life. Pro DSLR cameras can handle more than twice as many shots on a charged battery, making it necessary to have and carry extras.

Another downside is the range of lenses available for the newest models does not match up to the availability of DSLR lenses, however the number of mirrorless lenses continues to grow.

What To Look For In A Professional Mirrorless Camera

With multiple choices available, it’s good to know what features and performance capabilities you need from your camera.

The first feature to look for is whether the camera has full-frame capture. Many of the newest models do, particularly at the professional level, but you should still make sure that the camera you are considering has a true 35mm frame rather than a capture area of smaller dimensions.

For the professional, lens options are often critical. Some of the newest models have little more than the basic lenses available, so if you need more versatility in your lens kit, you want to be on the lookout for styles that provide it. Most brands have dedicated mounts, just like DSLRs.

However, a few companies have formed agreements to construct their camera bodies with lens mounts that are the same between the brands. SIGMA, Panasonic and Leica formed the L-Mount Alliance, so the lenses these three companies offer are interchangeable, providing you more choices.

So What’s The Best Professional Mirrorless Camera?

Our choice for the best professional mirrorless camera is the SIGMA FP for its versatility, performance and price.


This camera provides several features that a professional photographer will find appealing. The body weighs in at 422g, including the battery. It is also smaller than a lot of other mirrorless cameras. These qualities make it the least burdensome full-frame mirrorless for photographers on the go.

The camera comes with an L-mount, and because SIGMA is part of the L-Mount Alliance, the choices for the FP model are good and will likely only get better over time. This model also provides excellent creative control on the camera, with enhanced color, tone and fill light modes and Videographers will love its extensive film-making capabilities.

It has a lower resolution than other professional mirrorless cameras at 24.9 effective megapixels, but this has become a standard in recent years and most photographers will not be disappointed in the image quality.

With a $2,999 price point, this little camera packs a lot of features that appeal to a wide range of photographers.

All Rounder Professional Mirrorless Camera

The best all-rounder professional mirrorless camera is the Hasselblad X1D II 50C


The best all-rounder professional mirrorless camera is the Hasselblad X1D II 50C. This medium format camera is powerful and compact. For its class, it offers the best in resolution, creative control and quality.

For professionals who need superb image quality, medium format cameras can’t be beat, and this one does not disappoint. The 50mp isn’t as high as others, but the lenses are of top-notch quality. The combination of resolution, sensor quality and lens quality produces superior images.

This camera is not a fast shooter. The autofocus is contrast-based, which slows down the speed. At 2.7 fps, it isn’t the slowest camera out there, but it also isn’t the fastest so may not do well for sports and action photographers

For image quality alone, the slower speeds are worth it if image quality is of utmost importance.

Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera for Professionals

Mirrorless cameras are rising to the forefront of the professional photography market, and for good reason.

Image quality is rapidly catching up to and surpassing DSLRs. The size and weight of these cameras make them less cumbersome and easier to transport and carry. Lens options are fewer, but they will certainly continue to grow over time.

Mirrorless cameras do require more power to operate, which means you get fewer photos per charge, but the benefits for many professionals far outweigh the cons. After reviewing current models, we’ve determined that the best professional full frame mirrorless camera is the SIGMA FP for its overall performance, size and image quality.

If you are looking to switch to mirrorless, this little camera is a good place to start.

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