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J Limited PENTAX K-1 Mark II Comes Down Under

The J Limited PENTAX K-1 Mark II Comes Down Under


“If there are enthusiastic people who love our product, even if it is 1% of total market, we produce the product.”

The J Limited project was started based on this concept, with the cooperation of various partners who share this same view and by their engineers seeking a more playful and creative design philosophy. After seeing the market response to the PENTAX KP J Limited in July 2019, work quickly began on providing that same concept to another product.

Based on our 35mm full-size digital single-lens reflex camera the "PENTAX K-1 Mark II", this new release has undergone high-quality, labour-intensive processing, special colour painting, and features interchangeable parts difficult to produce under standard mass production. Each camera is expertly hand crafted, carefully assembled and delivered using a traditional “Made-to-Order” model.

Now finally available to the local market directly through Pentax Australia, customers seeking something a little more unique are now able to order one of these special cameras more easily than ever. Let’s have a quick look at each model:

Black and Gold


A matte black body, with gold lettering and red accents from the glossy wooden Red SP grip.


Scarlet Rouge


A polished, glossy red body contrasts with the black rubber of the main body section, featuring strong black lettering and a glossy Sumi Black wooden grip.




A special colour that changes from deep forest green to a strong bright green in the sunlight. The contrast between the gun metallic main body colour is complemented by the grey lettering and a glossy Sumi Black wooden grip.


LX75 Metallic


A homage to the 75th anniversary model PENTAX LX titanium. Complemented by grey rubber for the main body, deep black lettering and the glossy Sumi Black wooden grip. This is also the only special model with a silver SR badge among the four colours.



Each camera features original custom parts that can easily change the look of the overall camera – in particular the pentaprism, often the most distinctive and recognisable part of any external camera design. Each J Limited 01 comes with a top cover made of well-engineered plastic and an additional, larger cover carved from a brass block which slides effortlessly over the top. Made possible by the special machined stainless steel hot shoe cover.


Each model also features custom wooden grips by Miroku Techno Wood, famous for their work on luxury cars and rifle stocks, the Walnut grips are carved and hand-finished. Available in two colours, Red SP gives a splendid look with beautiful hand-blown gradation and Sumi Black is dyed with high-grade ink from Sumiundo Co., Ltd., a long-established store in Nara that has been making ink since 1805.


Another partner is Citizen Watch. Famous for their elegant and dependable wrist watches using a special surface processing technology called "Duratect" which creates a distinctive yellow gold colour. For the J Limited, the coating on the K mount uses ionized titanium and gold to improve beauty and surface hardness. It gives off a beautiful shine with bright glossy tones.

These cameras are available to order now*

Simply jump on to www.pentax.com.au and check out the options and more details on each model.

*True to the original concept, these J Limited bodies are strictly Made-to-Order and not in-stock items. Wait times of 4-6 weeks should be expected when ordering any of the products from the J Limited Line.