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Phase One: Talking with Fine Art Photographer Andrew Vukosav

Andrew Vukosav is not just a photographer, but also a passionate pilot who marvels at the beauty of the Australian landscape while flying his Cessna 182, which he calls Valerie. His "Longitude / Latitude / Solitude" project was inspired by the panoramic views he experienced while flying and the style of Australian indigenous paintings depicting landscapes from above. To capture these images, Andrew and an engineer mounted his Phase One medium format camera to the plane's airframe and connected it to an iPad and a hardwired push button shutter release on the yoke. Landscape photography is Andrew's personal passion, offering freedom and indulgence in pure art and creative vision.

We had the pleasure of sitting down for an extensive interview with Photographer Andrew Vukosav to discuss his aerial photography work with Phase One cameras. In this short segment, Andrew explains the advantages of using the IQ4 camera system for his very special shooting process and goes over his favorite images from the “Longitude / Latitude / Solitude” project, along with how the Paris exhibition came to life.

Phase One photographer Andrew Vukosav Lake series

Andrew Vukosav Lake Series - 2 Phase One
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