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Ambra Maddalena shot on the Sigma 50mm

Shot on the Sigma 50mm ART lens, the new Sorrento Moon '18 campaign from Ambra Maddalena showcases the subtlty of this incredible lens.


I’m handed another Bellini, but the waiter has spilt the sticky sweet peach nectar down the side of the flute.

But I don’t mind, the prosecco provides the much needed pick me up after last nights moonlite skinny dips.

Spaghetti alle vongole, stuffed zucchini flowers oozing with ricotta, hot focaccia and Vermentino arrive at the table.

Lunch turns to a multi lingual melting pot.

I try to catch a sentence or too, but I’m distracted by the Bougainvillia giving shade to a lazy honey bee.

One by one, we move from our pre siesta feast to drape over faded sun chairs like it’s the only day of summer.

The only place to be is in the sun.

Nothing is bad for you here, sun tans are the status symbol du jour.

A holiday souvenir if you will.

I was told the only sickness I would catch in Italy was a broken heart, but I can’t help but let my pareo cover one eye, whilst letting the other watch him from across the pool.

My sun drenched skin is oiled and sun tanned.

I sip summer cocktails lazily from glossy, swollen lips.

Can I fit in just one more bite of pizza?

What would nonna say of my too tight bikinis?

It is balmy.


As he takes my hand to dance under the early evening stars, I wonder if this night could get any better.

The crickets are getting louder and louder.

They tell me he is up to no good, but I don’t listen

- Ambra