The ILFORD Salon

Australia's largest open-entry photographic exhibition and competition

The ILFORD SALON is Australia's largest open-entry photographic exhibition and competition and has been running successfully for 26 years. ILFORD has proudly sponsored the event for the last 5 years exhibitions.

Held at The Centre for Contemporary Photography, the premiere venue for the exhibition of contemporary photo-based arts. Providing a context for the enjoyment, education, understanding and appraisal of contemporary practice.

This year’s ILFORD SALON was a huge success, with over 1,100 in attendance, ranging from working professionals, keens enthusiast as well as teachers and students. The halls were packed, and a pleasant and informative experience was received by all.

We wish to thank all those who attended the event, it truly is a fantastic experience for ILFORD to have an audience who really cares about the medium of print. Events like this allow us to really engage with the people who use the products in a very intimate way, and we look forward to seeing them at future events with us.

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