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ACS Lens Buffet Event

C.R.Kennedy and the Australian Cinematographers Society recently combined to host a cinema lens focused event at the ACS Headquarters in Sydney.

Dubbed the “Cinema Lens Buffet” the event featured a range of glass from ZEISS, SLR Magic, SIGMA and Tokina with emphasis on allowing the attendees to not only see the lenses, but also touch and experience them on a range of different camera bodies.

The event aspired to offer attendees more than just the technical features and characteristics of the products on hand – instead devoting a large amount of time to a variety of industry professionals. Speakers included; Andrew Chan, Tom Gleeson, Ben Allan ACS CSI and Michael Joy – all of whom shared their unique experiences with the different brands on display, discussing everything from lens character to form and practicality out in the field.

Rounding out the event was a thought provocation discussion between the speakers. Providing insight into not only the capacity of the glass on display, but also their motivations based on creative, technical and practical decisions required of every cinematographer and shooter in the industry. Attendees where also involved in this discussion, ranging from prominent ACS members to industry professionals, retailers, students and enthusiasts.

C.R.Kennedy was proud to have worked closely with the Australian Cinematographers Society, all the lens manufacturers and the various rental houses and other parties who provided gear, insights and assistance on the day. Keep your eyes out for more events like this from C.R.Kennedy in the future.

This event was made possible by the Australian Cinematographers Society, ZIESS, SLR Magic, SIGMA, Tokina, with special thanks to Panasonic for providing their Varicam LT and EVA-1 camera bodies during the event.