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CASA awards C.R.Kennedy Drone Safety Advocate Status


Consumers are being encouraged to look out for the drone safety advocate symbol when buying a drone this holiday season to ensure they’re buying from a responsible supplier.

CASA’s Peter Gibson says the drone safety advocate initiative safeguards consumers so you can be confident you’re buying your drone from a supplier who takes drone safety seriously.

“Drone safety advocates have pledged to follow a specific set of guidelines when selling drones,” Mr Gibson says.

“The guidelines ensure they are providing consumers with important safety information on when, where, and how they can use their drone safely— and stay within the law.”

DJI, C.R. Kennedy, Fly the Farm and Officeworks were Australia’s first drone safety advocates announced by the aviation safety regulator today.

“It’s a voluntary initiative that enables retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to contribute to the safe integration of drones into Australian airspace by educating consumers and encouraging the adoption of safe behaviours from the outset. 

“Our research indicates that consumers expect to be informed of the drone safety rules at the time they purchase their drone,” Mr Gibson says.

Australia’s drone safety rules have been in effect since 2002 and are designed to protect people and other aircraft.

“We’re encouraging everyone to know your drone and test your knowledge of Australia’s drone safety rules, before take-off.

“Even if you’ve flown before, it’s important we all understand the rules that keep us safe and avoid landing yourself in trouble.

“Drones can be fun, and by following the simple rules, we can all enjoy the air together,” Mr Gibson says.

The drone safety rules, an interactive quiz and a complete list of drone safety advocates are available online at www.knowyourdrone.gov.au