Phase One Certified Professional Course

Sydney, 8 - 9 August 2019 | Melbourne, 15 - 16 August 2019

What is POCP?

Phase One Certified Professional is a comprehensive, 2-day training course, delivered by an experienced Phase One trainer. The course is designed to provide attendees with practical and theoretical training in Phase One Camera Systems, Digital Backs and Capture One Software.

Why Get Certified?

POCP is about two things – education and certification. The certification is to provide proof that a digital tech or digital operator possesses a certain set of skills and knowledge. However, even without the POCP certificate, the knowledge gained from attending the course will help make you a better tech, a better assistant and a better photographer.

Attendees who successfully complete the course will be listed on the Phase One website as a certified professional in their home city and also receive a full Capture One Pro 12 license.

What Topics are Covered?

A full range of topics covering both Phase One hardware and Capture One software is covered, including:

  • Working with Phase One cameras and digital backs
  • Working with Phase One digital backs on technical camera systems
  • Tethering for Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Fuji etc.
  • Recommended workstation configuration and set-up
  • Efficient workflow in Capture One Pro 12
  • Running Capture Pilot for client preview

How to Get Certified?

There are two steps:

  • Qualification - take the online prerequisite course and pass all sections.
  • Live training - attend the official Phase One Certification training course and pass the online exam within 5 days of attending the course.

Who Should Attend?

POCP was created to give attendees the knowledge they need to be more confident and empowered when working with Phase One camera systems and Capture One software. Anyone who is committed to deepening their knowledge of Phase One or Capture One to an expert level should attend, this includes:

  • Current Phase One owners wanting to get more out of their systems
  • Assistants wanting to step up to digital-operating 
  • Passionate enthusiasts wanting to spend more time hands-on with the world’s best camera system


Bookings & Locations:

CR Kennedy Sydney Office
Level 2, 15 Bourke Road Mascot, NSW 2020
8th and 9th August, 9am-5pm

CR Kennedy Melbourne Office
300 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
15th and 16th August, 9am to 5pm



$695 inc GST

Other details:

  • Lunch will be provided both days, *please let us know if you have any dietary requirements*
  • Please bring along your laptop and a water bottle
  • Please be sure that you are available to attend both days of training and will be able to complete your prerequisite tests (approx. 5 hours) prior to signing up for the course. There are no rain-checks possible and no refunds for cancellations.