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Seek Extraordinary - Introducing the XT Camera System from Phase One

Take world leading sensor technology, incredible optics, precision manufacturing and integrate them into a small, travel-friendly form factor. What do you get? The Phase One XT Camera System.

Designed for those that seek uncompromising image quality and travel to the most spectacular locations in the world, the Phase One XT will elevate your landscape photography to a new level.


Extremely integrated, designed with a focus on simplifying the image capture process and combined with the incredible power of the Phase One IQ4 Infinity platform, the XT is the world’s first "digital" field camera.

With the XT built exclusively for the IQ4, paired with strategic partners, Rodenstock, and fitted with the digitally controlled X-shutter, this system is the most compact and simple to use field camera to date.


When you remove the compromises, you are free to experience the moment, to honour the journey and to record it all in the highest possible quality.

Phase One XT - Seek Extraordinary.


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Test out the new XT at the High Country Workshop, Falls Creek

You will be guided to capture beautiful images from the High Country of Victoria by one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers, Mark Gray, and supported with professional photographers from Phase One and Create Workshops.